Online Conference: Due to COVID-19, the organizing committee of AIIDE'20 will held AIIDE'20 and all the workshops online. The workshop date remain the same, as shown below. As usual, accepted papers must have at least one of the authors register to AIIDE'20 and prepare a presentation to present their work.


Due to COVID-19, EXAG will be held online via Zoom. Papers will be presented live or using a pre-recorded video. All times in the schedule are Eastern Times (GMT-4). Each talk is 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes questions and discussions.

All the workshop discussions, the townhall meeting, and the social event will be held in our Discord server.

Monday, October 19 (Zoom Link)

10:45am Introduction, Opening Remarks for EXAG

11:00am Benchmarking Imitation and Reinforcement Learning for NPC players in casual video games
Gema Parreno Piqueras
11:20am Tokamak Elementary: Visual Novel Meets Natural Language Understanding
Daniel Darabos, Gyorgy Lajtai and Andras Nemeth
11:40am TAG: A Tabletop Games Framework
Raluca D. Gaina, Martin Balla, Alexander Dockhorn, Raul Montoliu, and Diego Perez-Liebana

12:00pm Break

12:20pm Precomputing Player Movement in Platformers for Level Generation with Reachability Constraints
Vivian Lee, Nathan Partlan and Seth Cooper
12:40pm Conditional Level Generation and Game Blending
Anurag Sarkar, Zhihan Yang and Seth Cooper
1:00pm Extracting Physics from Blended Platformer Game Levels
Adam Summerville, Anurag Sarkar, Sam Snodgrass and Joseph Osborn

1:20pm Lunch Break

2:00pm SMES: Adapting Dexterity-based Games for Deliberative Play
Batu Aytemiz and Adam M. Smith
2:20pm Explainability via Responsibility
Faraz Khadivpour and Matthew Guzdial
2:40pm Animal Crossing AI Workshop
Josh Eisenberg

Tuesday, October 20 (Zoom Link)

11:00am Pathfinding Agents for Platformer Level Repair
Seth Cooper and Anurag Sarkar
11:20am Towards Automatically Abridging Game Levels
Varun Prakash Bhat and Gillian Smith
11:40am Grammar Based Modular Level Generator for a Programming Puzzle Game
Chaima Jemmali, Carter Ithier, Seth Cooper and Magy Seif El-Nasr

12:00pm Break

12:20pm Entity Embedding as Game Representation
Nazanin Yousefzadeh Khameneh and Matthew Guzdial
12:40pm Generating Gameplay-Relevant Art Assets with Transfer Learning
Adrian Gonzalez, Matthew Guzdial and Félix Ramos
1:00pm Synthesizing Retro Game Screenshot Datasets for Sprite Detection
Chanha Kim, Jaden Kim and Joseph C. Osborn

1:20pm Lunch Break

2:00pm Generative Text using Classical Nondeterminism
Ian Horswill
2:20pm Warm Rocks for Cold Lizards: Generating Meaningful Quests in Caves of Qud
Jason Grinblat and C. Brian Bucklew

2:40pm Townhall Meeting + Social Event

About EXAG

The Experimental AI in Games (EXAG) workshop aims to foster experimentation in game AI research and all forms of game development. In addition to presenting traditional academic talks and live demos of AI technology, EXAG welcomes a diverse community of researchers and practitioners with activities including a show-and-tell demo and gameplay session.

New to EXAG

We want to make EXAG the friendliest experience that we can. Feel free to contact us for any questions, comments, or concerns. You can check our talks from previous years on Youtube or enage and talk with other members in the community over Twitter or Discord.



EXAG 2020 will be accepting papers to two different tracks:

Submission Instructions

Please make your submissions at our EasyChair site. Papers must follow the AAAI format and must be anonymized for double-blind review.

Important Dates

EXAG will be held on October 19-20, 2020, colocated with the 2020 Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE 2020) conference which will be held virtually.

Paper Deadlines

Submission deadline: July 29, 2020 August, 5, 2020
Acceptance notification: August 28, 2020 Septmeber 5, 2020


We want to make EXAG the friendliest experience that we can. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us:

You can also keep up to date with EXAG and its community by joining us on: